by Jackson Lindauer and Kevin Daly:

We here at Sports Spangled Banter are proud to announce our first official Supporter of the Week: Lou D’Angelo. Lou has shamelessly marketed our blog, handing out fliers, making announcements in class, and spamming his friends on Facebook. He likes to view himself as a combination of Captain America, the Dark Knight, and this guy.  His tireless efforts have earned him SSB Supporter of the Week. We took some time to sit down and interview Lou about his recent accomplishment. Profiling him was an overwhelming experience:

Meet Lou: He LOVES America

Louis Michael D’Angelo grew up a child prodigy in the wetlands of Totowa, NJ (a.k.a. Bumblefuck), astounding in all aspects of his character with the notable exception of his devotion to Boston.  He supports the Red Sox, Celtics, Patriots, Bruins, and most importantly, the New England Revolution. Before attending Fordham, Lou graced Seton Hall Prep with his presence. Though he was elected student body president and named captain of the varsity football, basketball, and baseball teams, Lou always preferred music. He is to the French horn what Jordan is to basketball – the f*cking best of all time. Additionally, when not spending every waking moment promoting SSB, Lou listens to classic rock, xylophonic solos, and Enya.  His favorite color is red – and it better be yours, too. When he’s not being fed grapes by throngs of beautiful women or crushing opponents at backgammon, he’s listening to the Gym Class Heroes. Lou has only been wrong once in his life, way back in ’98 when he momentarily thought he was wrong. He is SSB’s Supporter of the week because of his radical competitive nature. He tells us, “I push myself beyond any known limits every minute of every day – whether in my trumpet solos, archery, or square dancing. So naturally, when I heard about the Sports Spangled Banter’s Supporter of the Week page, I solemnly vowed that I would tell more people than I know about the site.” He has – breaking several privacy laws in the process.  The writers at SSB appreciate his great efforts to earn support and views for the site and we tip our hats to Lou for his continued fanaticism.

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