About Us

Welcome to Sports Spangled Banter! Here at SSB we have the writers that the Sports World needs, but doesn’t deserve! We are very interested in bringing you a site dedicated to sports with honest opinion and informative discussion. Combining wit and a unique and off beat style of analysis, we hope to bring you a fresh perspective on all things sports (with a little twinge of pop culture in there as well).

Be sure to keep us humble though and speak up when you disagree and feel that your voice needs to be heard. We aim to remain as free to opinion as possible, while still maintaining a respect for all.

We are a group of college students who share the common bond of a strong love of sports and the desire to debate about it. We have decided that it was more constructive to create a blog to express our differing opinions rather than rolling up our sleeves and drawing blood. You will quickly find out that we come from different areas and we have strong allegiances that often conflict.


Patrick Doherty who designed our graphic logos and whose only compensation was friendship, love of design, and a few slices of pizza. Thanks, Pat – you’re amazing.

Our friends, a Manchester United blog called www.cantheyscore.com,who became our first subscribers. Check them out, they are extremely informative and provide in depth analysis on all things United.****

And our journey begins…quack. quack. quack. QUACK. QUACK. QUACK.

The crew that will be breaking down all things sports

Let us know what you think

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